A natural and extensive environment surrounding a pond for wastewater treatment is the perfect location to create an educational program on the water cycle.

In the middle of this learning tour, an open-air building allows a stop to performing a lecture about the visit. This building is an amphitheater suitable for up to 45 kids with a broad window that sees over the lagoon and its fauna, as well as the wastewater treatment plant working as background. The building also features a viewpoint balcony to observe the surroundings and a sloped pathway to the lower grounds of the park where didactic games and interactive features would be placed for the kids to learn about the water life cycle and wastewater treatment.

The building’s geometry is a consequence of the framed view we would like to have of the lagoon and its surroundings. Its structure and corten steel cladding replicate the color and texture of the site’s soil and local flora.



Implantation Plant