At the beginning of the 20th century, this old pasta factory near the Sé Cathedral was converted into small flats. With its impressive 5 meters high ceilings and huge windows, this apartment is an unexpected blend of majestic scale and cozy small rooms. Refurbished and decorated by our office, the project preserves every original construction detail and collects a sort of handmade pieces from north to south regions, to bring out a truly meaningful Portuguese experience!

Located on the 2nd floor, while its windows are facing the back at a higher ground level from the street in one of the quietest downtown areas as it has no traffic and it gives access just to a few residential buildings and to a charming hotel.

This apartment was transformed in a 2 bedrooms + one extra space on the upper mezzanine floor over the Living Room area. This mezzanine, with a removable wooden stair, was meant to be used as an extra bedroom for visits or a quiet and secluded home office.

The bright kitchen and the beautiful bathroom were kept as original as possible, fine-tuning them for an appropriate modern living but keeping their vintage originality.