Cylindrical Spaces

Conceived as objects, Cylindrical Spaces are constructively autonomous Blocks, designed to integrate and interact with the rest of the spaces in which they are inserted, allowing to cancel the traditional compartments and transport them to the “center” of the spaces.

Strongly designed for those who prefer design and flexibility, the cylindrical geometry of the blocks does not assume any direction and adapts to any space configuration. The palette of construction materials available allows its customization and enhances its integration in formal or informal, minimalist or traditional environments, interior or exterior, responding to the most different expectations.

The cylindrical shape enhances the functionality, minimizes the displacement inside, optimizes the movements, bringing all points closer, and increasing the comfort of use.

The Blocks adapt: ​​the self-supporting structure and the possible pre-fabrication of the set, make it possible to make a quick and independent assembly of other structures or walls in any location, being only necessary to guarantee the point of exit of drains and water and electricity supplies. The Kitchen Block, for example, can be connected to a chimney or work autonomously, through an extractor hood equipped with activated carbon filters. As they are self-supporting and can incorporate all the infrastructures they need from the start, the Blocks become a great solution for the actions of rehabilitation and remodeling of existing spaces, compared to traditional solutions.

Its field of application can range from buildings to outdoor events. In housing and hospitality, for example, they can be used as bathrooms, kitchens, and closets, both in houses, hotels, hostels and in luxury resorts. In offices and service buildings, they can be used as workstations, reception desks, meeting rooms, or small support kitchens. In commercial buildings (shopping centers, markets, etc.) they can be used as selling points.

Outside, they can be used as kiosks, bars, pool supports, beach supports, material storage, technical street facilities, and sanitary facilities. In temporary events such as festivals, thematic fairs, or sports and gastronomic events, they can be used as an information desk, judges’ booth, tasting booth, bars, etc … with the possibility of their exterior surface incorporating advertising information, easily changeable from event to event.

From the choice of recyclable materials, through prefabrication, to the ease of transport and quick assembly, these Blocks assume themselves as a sustainable and ecological option.


They are cylindrical, empty (multi-functional) or pre-configured spaces for specific uses, such as kitchen, bathroom, office, closet, storage, dressing room, bar, reception… Being self-supporting, prefabricated, and easily assembled / dismountable, adaptable to existing or new buildings, simplifying construction processes. The various coatings and equipment available, allow their personalization and integration in the most diverse architectural environments, interior or exterior. The differentiated design results from simple geometry and a careful design of the construction details.



Fotografia: Alexandre Almeida

Montagem sobre fotografia gentilmente cedida por Rita Carmo.