This refurbishment had a tight budget and a big area to intervene. Around 160 sqm on a 40k euro budget. This challenge translates to a 250€/sqm cost. 

The apartment was structurally solid but the original kitchen and bathroom were in poor condition.  

The apartment is located in largo da graça at a very dignified “post-pombalino” building with all the nice antique features and details that an apartment from this period should have and most people seek out on this kind of property. Our mission was to take advantage of everything we had available in place, rearrange it and present it as if it always belonged that way… on a budget.

The program was as simple as this. Family of four with two kids (boy and girl) with the need for a big kitchen for meals, but no modern open kitchen connected with the living room allowed, two bathrooms one at the master bedroom and the other for the kids and visitors. One master bedroom with a closet and bedroom for each kid with a common play/study area. 

The apartment had three corridors displaced like an “H” shape that narrowed its perception and made it feel too tight although it didn’t lack any space. 

The distribution of the uses/spaces of the house was not clarified, with living rooms on opposite sides of the apartment and interior rooms that were not inviting to any use due to the lack of natural lighting and ventilation. 

With minor demolitions, we created a big and welcoming entrance hall and took advantage of the old corridor void for placing both bathrooms at a more central place in the apartment. This space rearrangement made the apartment feel more spacious and airy and helped to sector the private zones of the house from the social zones.

The result of the intervention reveals a lot of the constructive and ornamental genesis from the building’s primordial construction date and gives a more modern experience and comfort to the apartment without the imposition of markedly new contemporary elements.